Zag, the Dolomon mascot

What Dolomon means?

It means DOwnLOad MONitor.

What does it do?

Dolomon tracks how many times a link was clicked on.

This means that it can tell you how many times a file was downloaded (it was designed for that purpose). But you can also use it to track visits on a page.

How does it works?

It's quite simple:

To track visits on a page, create a dolo pointing to a small transparent image (Dolomon has a helper to do that) and insert the resulting URL as an image in your page.

Wordpress integration

You can interact with a Dolomon server from Wordpress with the plugin WP-Dolomon.

Create an application in Dolomon to get credentials to use in WP-Dolomon.

What kind of data does Dolomon keep?

Dolomon increments counters at each visit. The counters are just numbers: no IP address is kept.

Dolomon also keeps the Referer header and the date and time of the visit for 3 days.

How can I opt-out Dolomon?

You can't, sorry. But don't worry, Dolomon's statistics are really anonymous.

A cookie is set for 180 seconds for each dolo you visit, to prevent counting consecutive visits from the same person, unless you activated the Do-Not-Track header on your browser.

How do I contact the administrator of this instance?

Please, send a mail to admin[at]roflcopter.fr


Dolomon is licensed under the terms of the GNU AGPLv3, see the LICENSE file.


The code of Dolomon is on https://framagit.org/luc/dolomon.


Luc Didry, aka Sky (https://fiat-tux.fr)

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The Dolomon mascot is called Zag. It has been initially designed by Renê Gustavo Miszczak under the name of Red Oso, have been proposed by Cyrille Largillier, is in Public Domain and has been slightly modified for Dolomon.